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Key Accounts

Top-notch Client Service and Delivery

The key account team sources sites, manages subletting or selling of unprofitable sites, handles lease negotiations and property administration services. Dedicated key account managers ensure that the needs of the client are met, co-ordinate the specialists within Prominent Properties, thereby ensuring top-notch client service and delivery.

Facilities Management

With expanding local and African markets, property investors need customised strategies to derive the maximum benefit from their investments. Through its comprehensive bouquet of property development services, Prominent Properties delivers turnkey development and a guaranteed maximum price.

Prominent Properties provides an on-site management service in respect of construction projects including pre-and post- construction services, as well as programme management and consultancy.

The service extends from procurement to design and construction, through to the installation of specialist equipment, commissioning and handover.

Our Development Management Service

Project identification

  • Site selection
  • Project planning
  • Legal advice
  • Financial advice
  • Technical advice
  • Programming assistance
  • Methodology
  • Development planning
  • Resourcing
  • Procurement
  • Financial structuring
  • Project management
  • Turnkey developments
  • Tenant co-ordination

Space Utilisation

Every Metre Matters

As a service to users of office space in general and as a value-added service to tenants in Prominent Properties-managed properties, we are able to assist with all aspects of maximizing available space. Our unique methodology assesses space requirements to ensure that the correct space is leased to fit the client’s profile and that future growth can be factored into long-term tenancies. The process includes macro-allocation of space based on an understanding of work-flows and the relationships between departments within an organisation.

We also produce detailed office layouts to suit tenant needs including work stations, reticulation and design.

Interior Design

Aesthetics and Functionality

We plan and propose colour schemes and finishes to be applied to all areas of the office, from store rooms to executive suites. This service also covers design and finishing of special areas such as canteens, coffee/ breakaway areas, bars and presentation/ demonstration areas.

Project Management

Managing and coordinating the professional team for building projects is yet another area where Prominent Properties adds value. This includes monitoring and controlling cost and time budgets on behalf of the client and maintaining the building integrity to ensure compliance with the original brief.

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