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Retail Management

Creating Contracts that Work

The specialist nature of retail property demands a dedicated retail management service. Prominent Properties’ retail management team keeps a finger on the pulse of managing retail buildings and shopping malls on behalf of our clients.

Key areas of expertise

Shopper Profile

Our research capabilities are utilised to establish shopper profiles and to then determine a tenant mix strategy.

This research also determines a profile for

  • The location of the centre
  • Shoppers who frequent a mall
  • Entertainment needs and spend
  • A demographic understanding of the users of the centre
  • Attractions to suit demographic needs and peaks in income earnings which are designed to increase the feet and spend in the centre

Tenant Mix

Getting the Ingredients Right

The right tenant mix is critical to the success of any retail development and Prominent Properties’ dedicated teams maintain contact with national retailers on an ongoing basis.

Turnover and Trading Densities

Ensuring Viability

Utilisation of turnover clauses in lease agreements means that Prominent Properties can monitor tenant turnover monthly and benchmark turnover and trading densities with retailers to identify reasons for performance or non performance. This information is used not only within a specific centre, but also to compare centre turnovers nationally and across different types of retailers.

Management of and Liaison with Tenants

Looking Good, Looking Up

The appearance and layout of each store is critical to the overall centre. Prominent Properties and onsite retail management work closely with tenants, centre architects and other professionals regarding shop appearance. Merchandising, window displays, stock levels, product variety appeal and pricing are also regularly discussed with tenants.

Promoting and Marketing

Getting the Message out

Prominent Properties has an integral role in the promotion and marketing of each retail centre. We facilitate the formation of a Merchants’ Association to support a comprehensive marketing strategy that includes regular promotions, research, advertising and on-site activities. The success of a marketing campaign is measured by comparing trading densities in consultation with tenants. In addition, our marketing team provide support to on-site staff.

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